Anecdotes, Stories & Celebrations of an Isaiah 58 Church, ken Burkey

“Religion can be the enemy of God. It’s often what happens when God, like Elvis, has left the building.”—Bono

The heart of God is for people to stop their pious religious activities and refocus on what really matters. Our creator has given us everything we need to break the chains of injustice and rescue the most vulnerable from extreme poverty and liberate them and equip them to be part of a sustainable solution.

  • Challenge, inspire and encourage every person to use their time, talents and resources to end poverty and bring dignity to the marginalized and forgotten
  • Find exciting, effective new ways to restore our local and global communities

Live58 Toolkit

The Live58 toolkit a six week study designed to help you learn and grow as a community and begin to transform that knowledge into action. It can be especially great for a staff, small groups, families and individuals to learn more about the causes of poverty and identify tangible ways to get involved.

Survive125 Game

1.3 billion people, about 26 percent of the India’s population live on approximately $1.25 a day. While playing Survive 125, y our name is Divya Patel. You are a 26-year-old woman living in India with your four children. You are a bricklayer and you make $1.25 a day. In order to survive, you are forced to make difficult decisions all the time. Would you be able to survive one month with this lifestyle? This game is provides eye-opening insight into what women like Divya experience each day while living in poverty. Click the link to experience a day in the life and find out if you can survive on $1.25.

Speaking & Consulting Services

Ken Burkey has spent 26 years positioning himself to be an advocate for the poor – speaking, writing and traveling to inspire people towards justice and ending extreme poverty. His passionate speaking deeply motivates and moves people toward repositioning their lives to serve the poor. He also consults with churches and organizations, teaching leadership, focused strategies and sustainable structures to better position themselves to effectively serve the poor.