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Live58 is a movement committed to empowering communities and unifying organizations to act in ending extreme poverty once and for all. Through the award winning documentary 58:™, Live58 fosters collaborative partnerships with local and global communities to identify tangible ways to participate in ending poverty.

This is in response to the scriptures in Isaiah, which remind us that God is not interested in religious piousness or exclusivity, but implores humans to lift the oppressed out of poverty and to break the chains of injustice. The promise is that blessings always come to people who decide to become defenders of the defenseless and protectors of children.

Ken has navigated a diverse life from the secular to the spiritual. From the marketplace to the nonprofit. From the
Executive Director

Pauline is a non-profit professional specialized in work with immigrants, refugees, women and children. Her experience has led her to

Mike brings 35 years of experience to the board in the business world as well as church service and non
Board Member

For more than 20 years, Rob has served as a pioneering leader in business and in the social sector. He believes
Board Member

Anthony Neeves

After becoming a Creative Director in a leading advertising agency in London England, Tony’s life took a radical change of
Board Member