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58: The Church Awakens – Rebecca Green’s Story

Broken, addicted, sick in the mind and heart. I get asked how I overcame all those odds and make my way to Christ and a life so rich in joy and blessings.

5 years ago I was living in a legal homeless camp in Placerville. Some of the volunteers who attended Green Valley Church picked up people every Saturday for Common Ground, a place where about 250 guests and 75 volunteers come every week for food and fellowship. They also picked up every Sunday for church. That is where I found a home and family.

I will never forget the day that the entire Green Valley staff arrived at the camp. At that moment we truly felt like we had  found a home. We became a part of GVCC. We were fed and clothed physically and then spiritually.

I will never forget the day I was asked if I wanted to volunteer in the front office. Asking me to help meet others on that same road. Having this church meet me right where I was at and walk beside me. cheering for each step forward and there to pray with me during the tough days. Everyday there were miracles big and small.

Through my church family I ultimately found a safe home and a great job. Today I work as a Service Advisor for a successful and very busy Automotive Repair Facility. My boss who is apart of my church family has encouraged me to grow and been open to helping those in our community. We are frequently able to assist those with little or no money in getting their vehicles repaired. I still work with the homeless population in Placerville by volunteering to help with the Nomadic Shelter and the Community Resource Center.

I have a career that I love and a passion for people and their stories. Without GVCC’s commitment to the least of these I would still be lost. Today I am healthy, happy and whole. Something that only God can provide.

The live58 movie is so important because it brings a face and a character those most in need of the church’s attention. My hope is that it will shine a light on what is really important to God and what our priorities as Christ followers should look like.

— Becky

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