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The Power of The True Fast

We are continually taken aback, by the power of the True Fast and it’s ability to empower Christians all over the globe. The movement that followed the release of 58: The Film was monumental and continues to maintain relevance even today.

About a year ago, our team was approached by Colin Walker, from Australia, who shared his story of going out into the world and serving after watching the film in 2012.

This reminds us of the importance of continuing to speak in congregations, where the Church and its people receive the word of the True Fast in Isaiah 58.  Additionally, stories like Colin’s keep us inspired and focused on making a second film highlighting people who are doing exactly what Colin decided to do.

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Read Colin’s story below:

Since watching 58: The Film at church in 2012, I have been on an amazing adventure with God. Thank you for inspiring me.

The film was enlightening and the story of the quarry workers in bonded labour in India affected me deeply. During the months that followed, I explored how I might get involved in the mission to end poverty. I really had no idea what to get involved in though, but I did want it to be something I would be passionate about.

One morning sitting in church I prayed a heart-felt prayer to God, “God, what mission work do you want me to get involved in? What am I passionate about?” God answered my prayer in an instant. I’ve never had an answer to prayer like it before. Into my mind flashed the image from 58: The Film of the sad faced little boy sitting in the quarry breaking rocks with a hammer – it was crystal clear, and the words, “That was what you were passionate about” also popped into my mind. I was blown away by God’s response. God was so right! That is what I was passionate about! I had broken down and cried at the end of the film because of that little boy and the plight of his family. Yet I hadn’t thought any more about the film or that image since I’d watched it months earlier.

Immediately I had an overwhelming desire to go to India to tell those people that their story had not been told in vein, but that people around the world were seeing it and wanted to help. My adventure with God started then and as he kept opening doors, I just kept walking through them.

God lead me to connect with the local pastor who was featured in that story. I ended up visiting him in Bangalore, spending a week with him and the mission organization he is the Director of. Following my visit, a child survival program was established in a village of quarry workers. I raise all of the funds needed for that project. The work of that organization is ending the poverty cycle in a single generation for the children, mothers and families it helps.

It is such a privilege and an honor to be used by God in this way and to serve such a Godly organization helping the poor and ending the poverty cycle.

I just had to share my story with you and encourage you all. Thanks Live58 Team.