Live58 exists to mobilize and resource people of faith to serve communities in need.

Areas of focus


we team up with experts to understand the root causes of poverty, injustice and marginalization.


we celebrate the transformation of lives and communities that take place when we care for one another.


we work and partner with organizations who use best practices in their fields to make lasting and sustainable change.

Latest News

58: The Church Awakens – Rebecca Green’s Story
| 24, September

Broken, addicted, sick in the mind and heart. I get asked how I overcame all those odds and make my way to Christ and a life so rich in joy and blessings. 5 years ago I was living in a legal homeless camp in Placerville.

The Power of The True Fast
| 02, September

We are continually taken aback, by the power of the True Fast and it’s ability to empower Christians all over the globe. The movement that followed the release of 58: The Film was monumental and continues to maintain relevance even today. About a year ago, our

Live58’s Latest Newsletter – Summer Updates & Exciting News
| 02, September

Our latest newsletter is out now, check it out by clicking the link below! Read more about our crowdfunding campaign launching today to PRODUCE A SEQUEL to 58: The Film, our partnership with Life Community Church and other events over the last few months. Our 58 community


Upcoming Events

The goal of our events is to awaken and inspire individuals, churches and organizations to serve the poor and marginalized based on Isaiah 58. Through specialized consulting and individualized training sessions, Live58 connects people with resources and strategies to allow them to create their own Justice Plan to bring dignity to the poor and the forgotten.

Host an Event or Screening

If you are interested in hosting an event or screening of 58: The Film™ for your organization or church, please contact us below.