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Impact Stories

  • Unity in Utah Brings Rescue and Healing around the World

    There are more than 27 million children, women and men who work as slaves in our world today. These 27 million are stuck in brothels, rice mills, brick kilns forced to work against their will. They are victims of human trafficking.  Greg Johnson, president of the Standing Together Network, worked

  • What has 12 beards, a sense of humor, and the goal of raising money for victims of human trafficking?

     I’m so glad you asked… The Beard Of The Year One day back in 2012, while writing some tongue-in-cheek blog post about the advantages of beards, I had one of those random “light-bulb” moments. The idea was to use my blogging platform and the audience of beard-fans that I had

  • A Look Inside An American Boy’s Haiti Journal

    Stephen and Jennifer Drake have been working for several years on raising kids who love well. (If you don’t remember reading about this family’s lifestyle of sacrifice and service, check out yesterday’s post,

  • Mommy Wars: Jen’s Battle Against Apathy

    Jen Drake loves to team up with her husband, Stephen. And they do make a great team. Together, they can throw a dinner party like nobody’s business. Like any dinner party, you’ll meet new friends, catch up with old friends, and add culture to an otherwise hum-drum day. But there’s